Sunday, January 18, 2009

Perodua launched new Viva

Perodua has the latest model trains swing compact Perodua Viva with three types of capacity enjin the 660cc, 850cc and 1000cc. Viva prices on the road is between RM28, 400 to RM43, 800 and offered in a choice of five colors.

Viva model is the model of the popular Perodua Kancil and Kelisa.
With the capacity to train enjin 660cc and 850cc, Viva manual transmission system using five kelajuan. Train with enjin 1000cc also divided into two namely Standard and Premium. For the Standard and Premium SX SXi, it uses five kelajuan manual transmission. Automatic transmission four kelajuan can also be found on the Standard and Premium EZ EZi.

Train capacity enjin 1000cc Premium with the manual or automatic transmission also offers SRS berkembar beg air. Premium variant also dilengkapkan with brek anti-lock system (ABS) and Electronic Circular Brek (EBD).

During launching, Perodua provide as many as 2,000 pieces of Viva ready to be sold to the crowd for a berth to the tempahan too long to apply as a top model Myvi first.

Talks to Save Proton failed

Hope Proton can recover.

According to a report by The Edge, talks between the car manufacturer Proton Holding Bud and Europe's largest manufacturer, Volkswagen AG and Volkswagen-known manufacturers of components --- Van started last year was exacerbated by the function that the government Hopes Malaysia.

The weekly newspaper said that officials of the Proton and Volkswagen met repeatedly, but no concrete agreement was signed. The newspaper added that the talks were not so good and it seems that the German car maker has something "cool" and less in recent endeavor.

The newspaper also quoted a source familiar with the situation with the words: "This period could serve as my doubts." The government in Malaysia is also under pressure to announce the details of the partnership for the loss of Proton, its status as the country "s biggest rival Perodua Vehicle Service. The Government believes that the new Proton, the partnership with Volkswagen, it can help.

Proton announced last week for the third quarter in a row of losses, it’s a competition to sales and stagnation. The company receives a net loss of 281.45 million RGT for the third quarter compared to net income at the end of December, he took a year earlier, amounting to 86.51 million RGT.

The Second Finance Minister or Mohamed Yak cop said that the government would be the publication of an advertisement on the Proton strategic partner in this month. Nobody knows whether it is still Volkswagen or any other company. But, according to The Edge newspaper: "If this timetable is consistent, the so-called General Motors, the largest car manufacturer in the world, could be the partner of choice for the phototherapy.

The main goal, a partnership with Proton foreign automotive industry is to further reduce its market share that competition is increasing. It should be noted that, if possible, a new partnership with Volkswagen on the run from the proton, but after the announcement of the partnership was not confirmed by Proton plunged.

Apart from Volkswagen, Proton was also in talks with General Motors and PSA Peugeot Citroen in France more than three companies in the automotive industry, which showed interest in Malaysia for the purchase of shares in the company. It should be noted that the Government of Malaysia has 59 percent of Proton, including a stake of 43% owned by Khazanah Nasional, the investment arms of the government.

Best fuel saver vehicle in the market

Good way to save on oil is to use Perodua Viva.

Due to down turn of world economic car manufacture around the world try to produce car which is small engine power (cc), less fuel consumption, more performance, environmental friendly, easy maintenance, small design, futuristic features and not to forget digital control. As we know new generation car will control by performance chip.

In our country Malaysia one of the successful car maker was Perodua beside Proton. Below is a picture taken from Viva engine which is installed with so called magnetic fuel saver.

There is several way how to increase your car performance. Like what my friend told me that you can use magnet from computer hard disk and place it on fuel pipe line on your car engine no matter what brand is your car.

Another way to increase your car performance was install with Hydro fuel. Hydro fuel is a technique to combine hydrogen gas with normal petrol. This hydrogen gas was extracted from water and sent to engine to burn together with petrol. To know more about hydro fuel you can read previous post on this blog.

So beside you got extra power you also save your car's fuel consumption. Below is a illustration how the technology can save fuel and increase performance.
Like what my friend say "Macam ada turbo"

*Note: The calculation are not scientifically proven but according to driver which was admit and feel the change (their car) in their daily driving.

Facts you need to know about kereta Viva

Here's my thoughts about kereta viva.

The Perodua Viva is a city car and is a small, moderately powered automobile intended for use in urban areas manufactured by Malaysian automaker Perodua Perodua, acronym of Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Berhad is Malaysia's second automobile manufacturer after Proton....
since May 10, 2007. It was originally planned to be the replacement of Perodua's current city cars - the Perodua Kancil The Perodua Kancil is a small car manufactured by Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua in Malaysia and the Perodua Kelisa.

The Perodua Kelisa is a compact car based on a 7th generation Daihatsu Mira, and manufactured by Perodua.
Once launched, Perodua decided to market it as a Kelisa replacement only, and will continue to sell the Kancil. The Perodua Viva is based on the 6th generation Daihatsu Mira , also known as the Cuore, Domino or Charade outside of Japan, is a kei car class type. All of the Perodua Viva grades uses Daihatsu DVVT engines. Only the Premium version comes with dual airbag and ABS.


The Perodua Viva was launched with 6 grades. They include:
  • The 660EX manual: RM 28,000
  • The 850EX manual: RM 32,000
  • The 1.0SX Standard manual: RM 37,000
  • The 1.0SXi Premium manual: RM 41,000
  • The 1.0EZ Standard automatic: RM 40,000
  • The 1.0EZi Premium automatic: RM 44,000
The price tag does not include registration fees, road taxes or insurance. The final price of the car also differs between Facts About Peninsular Malaysia.
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